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Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT is one of the best gadgets you can find on the market for rice warming and cooking. It has the capacity of 3 cups. This means that you will get 6 cups of cooked rice every time. It has several cooking functions. They are: quick cooking, white/mixed, porridge, sushi and brown…

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The Latest Gadgets for your Kitchen

If you want to make a meal quickly, you need a gadget. If you want to make it fast, then you need several of them. Luckily, there are many kitchen gadgets on the market. All of them look nice and they are highly useful. But, you must know something about these gadgets before you go and buy them.…

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A microwave commonly known as microwave oven cooks and heats food by electromagnetic radiation. The molecules in the food are rotated and it produces thermal energy by a process called dielectric heating. Microwaves heat food efficiently than any other cooking appliances. Microwaves are used to cook…

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Smart Food Tools

Today when technology is at such a high level, we cannot imagine one day without it. Now we have smart gadgets that turned our homes into smart homes, we are so close to turning kitchens into smart kitchens. Still we don’t have gadgets that are smart enough to help us drastically with our…

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A short note on blenders

Blender is a very common food gadget that is used quite frequently in any kitchen. In addition, the blender has a profound used in many laboratories as well. The basic function of any blender is to mix, emulsify and puree food along with any other substances. Blenders are known by the name of…

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A short summary of bread machine

Bread baking is an integral part of any food preparation in the Western World. In order to make the process smooth and easy, there is a machine named as bread maker or a bread-making machine. The gadget includes bread pan (tin). The bottom consists of paddles that are built in, which may be one or…

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The basic processes of food processors

We live in an era of ace technology. Nothing has escaped its clutches, including food preparation. Food preparation without gadgets is unbelievable nowadays. One such food gadget is the food processor. The technical definition constitutes any machine, which is capable of performing the repetitive…

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Tea infusers

Tea is not food we know that, but we will talk about something that is very useful for our kitchen and will definitely help us in case we want to drink some tea. Fans of tea probably know about this cool gadget, it’s called tea infuser and you don’t have only type of it, so that’s…


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The Anker Ergonomic mouse

Arthritis effects a surprising many today with over 60% of the afflicted being over 65. This leaves a significant number below this age. In a world so wrapped up in technology, physical accessibility to computers and the internet may not be the first thing to come to mind in regards to problems…

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What is Anki Cozmo?

Anki Cozmo is one of the smartest toys on the market today. It looks like a real-life Wall-E and is marketed for kids seven years old and older. There are instances in which kids catch their parents playing with the toy themselves. When Anki introduced Cozmo on the market in 2016, it was not…