A short note on blenders

A short note on blenders

Blender is a very common food gadget that is used quite frequently in any kitchen. In addition, the blender has a profound used in many laboratories as well. The basic function of any blender is to mix, emulsify and puree food along with any other substances. Blenders are known by the name of liquidizer in the British English. The elementary feature consists of a metal blade that is rotated with the aid of a motor that runs on electricity. Blenders are generally available in two formats: one is the stationary blender and another one is the immersion or hand-held blender.
Blenders can be used for varied use and purposes. However, the practice of product testing stipulates the fact that most of the blenders, even the cheaper ones are quite useful and meet most of the consumer needs. From a customer’s point of view the most common feature that is required in a blender are easy to use & clean, measurement marks that are visible and large, minimum noise production while using, optimum power usage (typically 1000 to 300 watts) and there must option that enables quick blending. Sometimes ice crushing as a feature is also looked upon in a blender. 
The most common use of blenders in the kitchen include blending the ingredients in order to prepare milkshakes, crushing and mixing ice along with other ingredients for both cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks, mixture emulsification, preparation of smooth purees, grinding various substances like spiced, nuts, etc. They are also used in mixing solids in liquids as well.


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