Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Herbs are used every day in every kitchen. They are just the basic ingredient for cooking. If you thought that you must have a garden, or you will have to go to market every day to buy fresh herbs, you are wrong. With new gadget, Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, you can grow your own herbs in your home.

When you buy Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, you will get pre-seeded pots which contain herbs. The soil in these pots is specially designed for maximum effect. It has pockets of oxygen and all nutrients needed for herbs to grow. You will get three cartridges and a reservoir for water, which must be filed with water every 5 weeks. Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden has a light strip which increases speeds up growth. Users will have to plug into the socket, fill with water and watch herbs growing. This gadget also has sensors that measure growth of your plants, and you can get advices if you are needed. You will need 6 weeks for growing these plants (between 4 and 6 week, you can really see the progress). Light strip really speeds up the growth of these plants. It has a timer, so you can set it for how long you want to stay switched on. At the end you will get fresh and good herbs for use. Although, Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden cost $95.99, you don’t get some fascinating technology. On the other side, you get interesting gadget which provides you fresh herbs every day, and eliminate the need for going on the market for buying herbs.



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