A microwave commonly known as microwave oven cooks and heats food by electromagnetic radiation. The molecules in the food are rotated and it produces thermal energy by a process called dielectric heating.  Microwaves heat food efficiently than any other cooking appliances. Microwaves are used to cook a variety of items and reheating the food which was previously cooked. It is used to melt chocolates, bake cakes, and make other kinds of mouthwatering dishes. 

Features in a microwave; It uses a timer and when the time runs out it automatically turns off. It heats food without the container getting heated, because the food gets heated and the food in turns heat the container. It does not char food and the radiation goes deeper than the direct heat and food gets heated with its own internal water. 

Some food wraps and plastic containers are designed which can be safely used in the microwave. If the products have microwave symbol then it can be safely used. 
In US, most of the household possess a microwave as they understand the importance of saving time in cooking. Nowadays the prices have gone down and are affordable for most of the people those who wish to save time in the kitchen and not overburdened with the task of cooking. Most of the people like to maintain a neat and clean kitchen which is a perfect gadget for them. 



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