COOLEST, The Multi-Purpose Cooler

COOLEST, The Multi-Purpose Cooler

This is probably the ‘coolest’ cooler you’ll ever find. While it looks like a regular cooler on the outside, this special cooler can serve you more than you can imagine.

Imagine yourself basking on the sun and you suddenly crave for a smoothie instead of a canned soda. You can use its built-in ice crushing blender to whip up your favorite smoothie. The 18 volt ice-crusher built into the cooler will power through more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge. Since you’ve got that 18 volt battery for the blender, you can recharge your camera battery or an iPhone with its waterproof USB charger.

What’s more? You can turn up the party by bringing the music right from your phone or Bluetooth-enabled device to the cooler with its waterproof wireless speakers. Just turn your phone on, match it with the cooler speaker, and enjoy the party.

The COOLEST cooler also has unbreakable LED lights embedded in the lid so you can easily find what you’re looking for with the push of a button.

With your regular coolers, carrying your gear to and from your destination is a hassle. But with this multi-purpose cooler, locking tie-downs are like having a roof-rack on your cooler. Easily secure your lawn chairs, blankets, towels, toys, fishing tackle, or grill.

Aside from the abovementioned features of the COOLEST, it also has a divider that can be used as a cutting board, a built-in bottle opener and an integrated storage for plates and knife.

It has everything you need in one cooler. And you can have it for $185. How cool is that?


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