Smart Food Tools

 Smart Food Tools

Today when technology is at such a high level, we cannot imagine one day without it. Now we have smart gadgets that turned our homes into smart homes, we are so close to turning kitchens into smart kitchens.

Still we don’t have gadgets that are smart enough to help us drastically with our kitchen. So be careful when you see something on TV and you think it is a life-changing device, it probably isn’t and they probably want to empty your wallets.
Still we have to be honest and say that there are some cool kitchen gadgets that can make our life easy.
For those of you who simply adore coffee and you want to drink it as soon as you wake up, now you can use an application that will make your dreams come true.
It is called The Smarter iKettle and you can connect it via Wi-Fi. Every member of your family can use this application and control it from their phone.
This kettle will send a notification where it will notify you when your water is ready, and in case your kettle is completely empty, it will also remind you that you need to refill it.
Then we have something that is not yet available for buying, but we hope it will be soon. It is called Foodini. 

That is a 3D printer and it is for food. Foodini is not just a typical printer, it is one step further from any printer.
It can create savory or sweet cuisine made from fresh ingredients that everyone loves. The purpose of this gadget is to make preparing of fresh food easier than ever.



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