Temperature at a distance

Temperature at a distance

Everyone wants to be able to cook the perfect roast chicken or beef or to be able to barbeque large hunks of meat to perfection. The issue is that when the outer layer is done, the inside is still far away. So we end up carrying around those metal spikes they call a meat thermometer.

The infrared non-touch thermometer will allow you to scan the heat emitted by things around you from a distance. This gadget is extraordinary because you can always know what temperature your food is at and what that temperature is doing to it.

Why is this a cool, must have gadget? Well for starters it doesn’t’ get dirty. You hold the receiver end of the tool towards the spot you are trying to measure – most have a LED which points at what you’re measuring – and just wait for the temperature to appear on the LCD display facing you. The second very nice thing about it is the size and shape.

Typically this kind of thermometers are shaped like the handle of a gun and fit in your hand, however the shame may vary but the size is about the same, making the device very portable. This means that you can take it to the supermarket with you to see if the product is kept in best conditions.

Most non-touch thermometers have a temperature range between -26 and +716 F so you can use it basically for anything. You can also use it around the house to detect heat leaks or just to set the optimal temperature for you tea.



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