The basic processes of food processors

The basic processes of food processors

We live in an era of ace technology. Nothing has escaped its clutches, including food preparation. Food preparation without gadgets is unbelievable nowadays. One such food gadget is the food processor. The technical definition constitutes any machine, which is capable of performing the repetitive mechanical tasks of food preparation. However, the current meaning of the word constitutes any electricity and motor driven devices that help in food preparation. These devices are oft confused with blenders. 

The basic difference is that the disks and the blades are interchangeable which is not in the case of blenders. Along with that, the processors always consist of bowls of different shapes and sizes, which may not be necessarily present in blenders. Food processors can work on solid, semi-solid and liquid foods A food processor can achieve multiple functions, which are dependent on the placement along with the blade and attachment types. The basic functions that the food processor perform are chopping or slicing the vegetables, grinding, grating or shredding, pureeing, kneading dough or mixing.

The base has a motor, which is capable of turning vertical shaft. A transparent bowl fits around the shaft along with the cutting blades that are attached to it. The blades are fit by the bottom of bowl for functions except slicing or shredding. For these two functions, the disks are attached towards the top. A feed tube allows providing the ingredients to be processed without stopping the working processor. Various safety measures are taken by the manufacturers so the processor works smoothly without any hazards.


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