Samsung's New Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung's New Family Hub Refrigerator

The motion picture “The 6th Sense” opened in the year 2000. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character opens the refrigerator and notices that there is no milk. Right away he orders milk from the refrigerator.  The movie was a futuristic film set in the year 2015.  Now what was science fiction has come true. Samsung has announced the creation of the Family Hub refrigerator.

So now the kitchen will become much smarter as this new technology turns the kitchen into an authentic technological hub.

The family hub works through a mobile application.  The refrigerator has a screen (21.5 inch full HD) where one can place notes, art works from the kids, lists, and important dates or reminders on a calendar - all from your cell phone. 

One of the features that housemaids and everybody at home will love is that it keeps track of what groceries are needed. Whenever you are missing a product, the refrigerator will notify you and will allow you to order what is needed. Yes, the future is here!  The refrigerator also keeps track of product expiration dates to make sure you use a product before it expires.

One thing you will love is that the refrigerator brings three high-quality cameras that take pictures of the inside of your refrigerator every time the door is closed. So, you are updated on the real content of your refrigerator.  So now, you can pull out your phone at the supermarket and see what it is that you are missing in real time. 

The refrigerator is also an entertainment center as it displays high definition videos. You can then watch your favorite show or just stream music. The question is whether this is a passing fad or a useful piece of equipment that people will learn to use on a daily basis. 


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