Smartphone app called MyShake

Smartphone app called MyShake

A U.S. scientist has developed a new application for android phones that is free. It has a built-in app that records and recognizes earthquakes with the help of a sensor.


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Deutsche Telekom AG have created this app called “MyShake”.


Seismic network detects the earthquake globally and keeps sending the data for analysis to the scientist around the clock by providing pictures. Sometimes it becomes difficult to record the information from the area where the network is poor. But with new technology, scientists have found a way to access the accelerometers that are installed in smart phones, which can record an earthquake.


This app runs silently in the background using minimal battery power. It can record earthquakes above magnitude 5 within 10 kms. The phone is designed in such a way that it can detect different signals or new shaking created by an earthquake. If the phone detects shaking created by a quake, it immediately records the time and the intensity of the quake and sends the information automatically to the lab for further analysis. The system identifies and confirms the location and the magnitude of the earthquake.


This app will be more useful in earthquake prone areas or zones in countries that don't have a strong seismic network.


Today, millions of people have smartphones. According to the researchers and scientists, more people should start using this app. If they can access and collect more data during an earthquake, it will help researchers and scientists to have a better understanding about quakes. It will also help them to design a system that would share warnings earlier and eventually prevent loss of life and be able to send early warnings for evacuation.



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