The Kniper, the one-in-all multifunctional tool

The Kniper, the one-in-all multifunctional tool

This multifunctional tool has a sleek design, durability, is small and light-weight - what every adventurer dreams of. The new Kniper, an all-in-one tool, seems to turn those dreams into reality. This simple knife-looking gadget includes features that you probably had never imagined. From a useful saw to a simple fork, this instrument might be all you need for a successful endeavor.

The Kniper includes twenty-two tool functions, is light-weight, and is easily carried tied to a strap or a belt. One very attractive thing about the Kniper is its small size (13 x 2.5 in – 33 x 6.4 cm and 5.5 mm thick).

Made of 420 high-carbon stainless steel, it promotes versatility and high productivity. The tools you can find on the Kniper include the classic tools found on a typical Swiss Army knife, such as a bottle opener, a saw, and a Phillips screwdriver. It also includes other tools, such as a fork (yes, the one used for eating), a wire-cutter, and a tobacco bowl with a pipe-stem at one end - so even the need for a smoke break is covered. Besides all this, according to creators Urchin Sky, the Kniper is the very first multifunctional tool that is also a throwing knife, which many will find nifty.

The cost of the Kniper is $145, including shipping and handling. It will make a nice eccentric gift for an outdoorsman or a gift for yourself.    


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