New SunFriend Personal UV monitor

New SunFriend Personal UV monitor

The SunFriend Personal UV monitor is a highly customizable device that allows you to protect yourself against excessive sun exposure. This new invention will become an essential part of your beach holidays. UVA-B SunFriend is the world’s first wearable monitor that indicates when you have had enough sun.  In this way, there are no chances of you suffering a sunburn.

Scientists are concerned about more and more people suffering the adverse effects of UV radiation on their eyes, skin, and overall health. UV radiation is actually beneficial if monitored correctly. There is a line where healthy becomes dangerous. This is where SunFriend comes in.

The product is the result of extensive studies that developed the device to determine when you have had enough UV rays. According to studies, regular exposure to the sun has great health benefits, vitamin D being the major benefit. All you have to do with this wearable monitor is to set your skin color or sensitivity and it will do the rest for you.

When you have had the optimal amount of sun exposure, the monitor will flash to indicate that you should look for shade.

The product has several advantages over the usual sunscreen lotions. A broad spectrum screen will not guarantee that you have the sufficient amount protection. Lotions usually contain chemicals that might actually have a detrimental effect on your skin. Sunscreen is useful, but unless it is labeled as “broad spectrum” it won´t fully protect you against radiation. With SunFriend, you can expose yourself a healthy amount of sun and UV rays and then decide to find shade, cover yourself, or apply sunscreen.

SunFriend is practical and easy to use.  It is very durable and waterproof. It will not overheat and it is customizable.  


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