Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction is a circulation of sound from outer ear to the inner ear through the related bones of the skull. The bone conduction headphone is the latest in listening technology that allows the wearer to listen to music without blocking the ears. This sound transmission can be used by patients suffering with sub-normal or impaired hearing. It transmits sound from your bones directly to your inner ear. That is why you can hear everything clearly around you. The device is available is different editions and stylish designs. 

How does it work?

Sound waves travel in the air in the form of tiny vibrations. These sound vibrations come to the ear drums from the air making the ear drum vibrate, which turns sound waves into different forms of vibration. This system is known as Cochlea (the inner ear), which is connected to the auditory nerve. This system transmits sounds around us to our brain. Bone conduction aids you to hear sound with the help of the vibration of bones (cheek bones and jaw bones). In simple words, it helps to bypass the outer and middle ear where the eardrum is present and directly stimulates the inner ear.

Bone conduction headphones direct the vibrations to the Cochlea which converts the vibrations to sounds without involving the ear drums. 

For people who need hearing aids:

Bone conduction technology is the right tool for you if you are suffering from hearing loss. It will allow you to hear clearly.



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