Five free desktop gadgets for your PC

Five free desktop gadgets for your PC

Nowadays, we are addicted to technology and we spend a big part of our days in front of a screen. Sometimes, the basics of your PC do not cover your needs, and you need to get some cool gadgets to help you. The good news is that there’s no need to pay money for this; there are many great gadgets that are completely free.

  1. All CPU Meter. You know how your PC slows down sometimes and you can’t seem to be able to open any program without problems? This is because the processor of your PC is not good enough, or it is using too many programs at the same time. This gadget will allow you to see the performance of the processor so you can adapt it to your needs.
  2. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor. If you go outside with your laptop a lot, or you just don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection in your home, this gadget will be very useful. You can see all the available networks around you, as well as how strong the signal is and how fast you can download something.
  3. ClipBoard Manager. This is the new version of “post-it”. You can write anything, make some notes, and even arrange the order in which the information will appear.
  4. The Magic Folder. If you work a lot on your PC, it’s always a struggle to find the folder that you need, especially when you have many windows open at the same time. With this gadget, you can select a number of folders and open them with one single click, straight from your desktop.
  5. Remote Desktop. You can control any computer from your own PC. Just install this program and you can work on your office PC from home without any problem.


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