Light up the show…literally

Light up the show…literally

Most of us can probably relate to the vibrant and feisty ambiance of a party at the beach during our college years. Maybe we have memories of that great concert where the drummer was killing it and making us jump to our feet. 

Parties can now get more exciting and concerts can be even more colorful with lighted drumsticks. These magical pieces have the ability to light up a concert and make it even more mind-blowing.

There are actually several materials used in the construction of lighted drumsticks. They are made with the idea of being used in the dark. They light up at movement, producing beautiful patterns of light when they hit the drums.  It is up to the ability of the drummer to create the illumination of colors in the air.

Some sticks are made of a highly durable Lexan or acrylic plastic.  The lights inside the drumsticks require batteries that need to be replaced.  This is actually easy and with durable batteries, you are ready for great performances. 

It is important to note here that these drumsticks will offer a great spectacle only during the night since the daylight will completely mask the lighting effect. 

One great thing about these pieces is that they are not expensive.  They can be obtained at prices as low as $6.  But be careful of the quality of sticks you choose. If you are a rock superstar, you might want some that are very durable to match your hardcore use. Lighted drumsticks are held together with screws that may dislodge under excessive stress.

What are you waiting for?  Light up your next concert with lighted drumsticks.  Provide your audience with an extra visual entertainment as they enjoy the concert of their lives!


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