3 Amazing Features of the Brand New Turing Phone

3 Amazing Features of the Brand New Turing Phone

Looking like some sleek futuristic gadget out of a sci-fi movie, or a phone from outer space, the new phone about to be released by Turing Robotic Industries is all set to take on industry behemoths like the iPhone. Although it doesn't have any groundbreaking specs in the current model, it does have Turning's own customized software, designed with a view to improving on Android, and a revolutionary build with some amazing features.

The phone's body is constructed using liquidmorphium, a material stronger than steel, and heretofore unused on this scale in existing phones. The shell has a futuristic curve and color scheme, giving it an aesthetically sleek look.

The phone is also completely waterproof, but not in the way you'd think. I doesn't seal water out of its casing, but in fact prevents damage to internal parts due to a nano-coating on them. So, say, if you drop it in the bath, you can simply pick it out of the water, shake it off and continue using it as normal.

The phone has been designed with to be a near impenetrable vault for your data, featuring end-to-end encryption, and access restricted to a fingerprint reader on the side. It even has its own cryptocurrency inside, called a Turing Coin, which the company hopes will catch on.

The Turing phone is set to take the market by storm with such remarkable features. A beautiful phone with a revolutionary design, it's primarily aimed at design enthusiasts and aesthetes. You can preorder out of three available models for yourself at the end of July this year. 



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