A spy camera disguised as a digital alarm clock

A spy camera disguised as a digital alarm clock

Also known as nanny cameras, these gadgets are pretty useful at times and come in a variety of designs and colors.  They are a cool gadget to have at home for those times in which you really need to know what is exactly going on at your home when you have to leave or if you leave your home in the care of someone you are not sure you really trust. It even has the potential of being very useful for a crime investigation in case something out of the ordinary were to happen in your house.

These amazing gadgets are quite inexpensive. Some of the characteristics that most spy cameras disguised as digital alarm clock are:

  • Usually, you will have to purchase a micro SDHC card if the clock does not include it. If it is included, it will not have the highest storage capacity.
  • They can be set to activate with motion or to record all the time. This is a genius characteristic since it will save you disk space and let you focus on what you actually need.
  • They can be set to record audio only. Again, this will help you save disk space. Now, this feature might be useful in a setting that has little or no light.
  • The amount of storage or memory space you have will depend on the price. However, some will allow you to use a large Micro SD card to allow more time.  A 4GB card, for instance, will allow you to record one hour and a half of video only, but you can add a 32GB card to increase your time.  The motion detection feature allows a video recording only when motion is detected.  

If used wisely, spy cameras on alarm clocks can be a very useful gadget.  Remember to stay within what is allowed by law. 


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