G-technology has introduced a very new device in their series of evolution family for those who have lot more to store in their systems. The name of their new device in the series is G-DRIVE ev SSD. This device comes with USB 3.0 and is expandable also. This device is very much efficient and scalable and is also highly reliable. You can transfer data, edit your data and can also distribute the content.

G-DRIVE ev external drive will help you to streamline all your photography, 2K/4K videos when connected with the G-DOCK ev. This device is very much flexible and is designed in such a way that it can meet all your storage demands doesn’t matter how extensive is it. It helps in the data management and is also very efficient for digital content workflow. Users can scale and expand the performance and capacity according to themselves by connecting external hard drive modules of high performance and high capacity with G-DOCK ev docking station.

A high speed USB 3.0 interface is provided with this solid state drive. This storage device will allow you to transfer data at an efficient rate of 400MB/s. this speed is more than enough in order to get transfers and storage at very fast rate. When the device will be paired with G-DOCK ev the transfer rate will automatically increase to 480MB/s. G-DRIVE ev SSD comes with a storage capacity of 512 GB, it means lots of data can be stores without using any other external storage device.


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