LinkA Auto-Unclocking Smart Bike Lock

LinkA Auto-Unclocking Smart Bike Lock

We see how easy it is for a bike to be stolen. According to a survey, almost 85% of the bikes that are stolen are normally ridden away without any problem. LinkA has come up with an amazing Smart lock for a bike. This lock was designed by Velasso. 

LinkA has added a lot of features to ensure that stealing a bike becomes very tough. They managed to achieve this level of security by having the lock mounted on to the bike frame. It’s a 9mm hardened square steel ring. Locking and unlocking has never been so easy. You lock the bike simply with the tap of a button.

Auto Unlock: Auto Unlock feature for which patent is pending eliminates the need to carry a key. As you approach the bike, just one tap of a button and the lock identifies your phone and unlocks immediately. 

Siren: LinkA has added a 100db siren which will alert every bystanders when a thief is trying to steal the bike. LinkA captured the methods and the ways a thief may move compared to accidental bumping to avoid false sirens.

Tamper Alerts: When someone tries to tamper with it, you get notified on our smart phone by LinkA. With bluetooth 4.0, notification is done immediately if we are within a range of 400feet.
Phone Less Access: Sometime we may forget to carry our phone along with us which may cause a problem to unlock the lock. To help with these kinda situation, you can provide a 4 digit pin which will help you unlock.



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