Motorola Moto E (Gen 2) 4G is a Nice Budget Phone

Motorola Moto E (Gen 2) 4G is a Nice Budget Phone

Motorola has launched a new variant of Moto E and has called it Moto E (Gen 2). What’s special about this phone is that it is not only quite affordable but also features 4G connectivity. Motorola realizes that 4G will soon become extremely popular all over the world. Hence, the have decided to launch the latest affordable phones with 4G connectivity capabilities. 

If you would look at the phone, it looks very much like its previous versions. The good news is that it retains the robustness and elegance of its predecessors. Metal has been used in the design of the phone making it look very unique and eye-catching. In fact, almost everything about this phone is same as that of its previous version which did not feature 4G connectivity. 

The phone features the best in class quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC with the clock speed of 1.2GHz. This processor is much faster and efficient than the 200 series of Snapdragon processors. The processor is backed up by a 1 GB RAM, which is good enough given the size and other specs of the phone. The phone also comes with internal memory storage of up to 8GB. However, this can be expanded up to 32 GB with the help of a micro SD slot. But that is not it! You can also use the mico-USB connection to take backups on the external storage devices such as hard disks and pen drives.

Although only one SIM on the phone can be connected to the 4G network, we would still say that this device is worth the purchase. 


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