NEC VE281 Mobile Projector

NEC VE281 Mobile Projector

NEC VE281 Mobile Projector packs many features in its highly portable 5. 1 lb. It boasts an amazing 2, 800 lumens of brightness and that means you won't have to turn out the lights after a presentation. But should you choose, you'll see the total effect of its 3, 000: 1 distinction and crisp SVGA (800 back button 600) resolution.

Looking beneath hood you'll uncover Texas Instruments' Brilliant Color 0. 55" DLP nick churning out vibrant hues because of 6 color technological know-how that also creates 50% more lighting than DLP projectors with no Brilliant Color. And there's no filter to produce a maintenance cycle all around either. DLP projectors have no need to use them.

The NP-VE281 gives wide compatibility and connectivity with all your data sources. HDMI, Component and a digital audio input are extremely on board, as is surely an RS-232 connection regarding external control. You can see your presentation in 3D with the help of optional NEC shutter spectacles. Studies show that 3D programming is retained within the memory longer than 2D presentations. The powerful 7W speaker offers the volume needed regarding small to medium sized rooms.

Finally, that is a projector you can feel good with regards to using. Designed while using environment in mind, the NP-VE281's ECO mode not simply increases lamp lifetime to 6, 000 hrs, but also minimizes power draw as well as saves you occasion and money in your service cycle. Power is automatically turned off when no indication is detected from a computer and switched on again when a signal is received. There's even a carbon savings meter that displays the positive effects of using your current NP-VE281.



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