New LG Watch Urbane with the Android Wear OS has been launched in India at Rs 29,990

New LG Watch Urbane with the Android Wear OS has been launched in India at Rs 29,990

If you are looking for an option for getting a premium watch under Rs 30,000 then you’ll be happy to know that LG has launched its new phone called the Watch Urbane. The accessories of the watch cannot be said to be average and it has also doubled as a smartphone. The new LG Watch Urbane was initially launched for something around Rs 22,200. This is much cheaper than what the company is offering. The most amazing thing is that this is not the only device that has been overly priced. 
LG has designed the smartwatch very carefully. It has included a premium factor by adding the stainless steel that has been coated either in silver or gold for a perfect finish. Also, its accessories are IP67 certifies and is dust and water resistant. The watch can be submerged in water for up to 30 meters in about 1 litre of liquid. With all these features, the new LG Watch Urbane, is a perfect choice and can be used in any condition. 
The strap of the watch is just 22 m in size. This is the standard size that can be used as per your likings. It also sports a circular P-OLED display that is just 1.3 inches wide and enjoys a good battery life of 410mAh that can keep your battery charged for one full day.


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