Panono’s Throwable Ball Camera

Panono’s Throwable Ball Camera

Gadgets can be fun, most of them are designed for this purpose. The situation is same with a new Panono’s ball camera. Price of this gadget is $499, which is very expensive, especially for a ball. But, it is interesting, and it can be useful.

For this money you get 36 cameras, processor, memory and accelerometer. The accelerometer is used to trigger the camera when the ball is at the highest point. Beside this way of using it, there are two more. You can activate cameras with a shutter button, or, if you are using a tripod, you can activate them remotely. When pictures are made, ball camera will send you pictures via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth you your smartphone. These pictures have low resolution. The main pictures are sent via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to Panono’s cloud servers. Everything about this camera is automated, but, users can use the manual settings (ISO, shutter speed and white balance).

The design is very simple. It has a small diameter, and it is very easy to use. Finding shutter button and USB port is very easy. The shutter button is located at the top, USB and tripod mounting points are at the bottom. Cameras are 3MP. Pictures made with these cameras are great. There are no blur or any other problem. It is much better than using your smartphone for this, and apps like Photosphere.

This is a very useful gadget, but its main purpose is fun. It hasn’t practical application, and it is too expensive. But, if you are a young person, the possibilities with this gadget are endless. I honestly believe that in the near future, all pictures will be taken with a 360 degree cameras.


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