Vuzix video eyewear joins GoPro

Vuzix video eyewear joins GoPro

GoPro cameras have been ubiquitous since their release allowing people to shoot high quality, first person videos. Often, the most popular videos are intense extreme sports clips! In an effort to keep its product on the cutting edge, GoPro has released a Developer Program, which allows other technology to better interface with its hardware and software. Vuzix has signed on to be one of the first companies to take advantage of this opportunity.

Vuzix creates technology that is worn like sunglasses and fully immerses the user into a digital space. By integrating with GoPro, the possibilities for both capturing and experiencing video and digital content will be limitless. Paul Travers, the CEO of Vuzix, views this initiative as mainly applicable to businesses. "Our wearable technology already generates efficiencies in the workplace. With this video capability, users who work remotely can see and experience the offsite location as if they were actually there. In the prosumer space, the M300 combined with GoPro cameras is a perfect tool for the creation of immersive content."

More specifically, it seems the combination of the two technologies will benefit professional videographers. They’ll be able to use Vuzix to control what the GoPro shoots and they’ll be able to view multiple cameras quickly to see what those perspectives are. It’s a pretty amazing new way to direct footage and it has the capability to completely revolutionize the process. Perhaps in the near future, Hollywood blockbusters will be created with this method. 


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