Why is Nokia 3210 still the best phone in the world?

Why is Nokia 3210 still the best phone in the world?

Now that we have smartphones we tend to forget the old ones who didn’t have camera, mp3 player and color display.
Maybe these phones couldn’t give us what we wanted back then, but you still have to admit that they did have some advantages when it comes to quality and when we compare them with the latest ones.

For all of us who are nostalgic about those times, we will give you our reasons why we still think that Nokia 3210 is the best phone ever.
Long-lasting battery – When we think about batteries today we always complain how our batteries “die” within 24 hours.
Although we have amazing smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 or excellent iPhones we must admit that their batteries are not good.

And when you think about that old Nokia 3210 you probably remember that its battery lasted for almost seven days. Yes, seven days, it literally sounds impossible.
It had better quality- Today our phones are very “sensitive”. For example it doesn’t take too much for our screens to break or for something else to simply fail.
With Nokia 3210 we didn’t have that problem. Back then many people have said how it could survive and earthquake, war, flood, whatever, because it was that good.
Some people even said how you could break concrete rather than this phone. It wouldn’t surprise us if that was true.

Snake- Who could forget this game? Even though we have a lot of entertaining games today, snake is the one that will be remembered always.



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