Zotac launches ZBOX R series of the mini-PCs with RAID configurations

Zotac launches ZBOX R series of the mini-PCs with RAID configurations

The market of the mini PCs is ever- expanding but many of these desktops lack some of the basic features that are found in the larger computers. But only a few have ports in them. Many systems don’t have the optical disc drives. But only a few have solid-state or hard drives while some may even have both of them.  The new Zotac ZBOX R series are tiny desktop computers that have space for a two 2.5 inch drives. Some of the models also have extra mSATA SSD slot. 
The most unusual thing in the R series computers is that they support RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. You can set up any of these configurations in any of these computers that can either write data across multiple disks for more performance or you can even take duplicate data from one disk to the other. However, this affects the performance also negatively but also helps you to protect your data even if one of your drives fails to function.  The two R series are being launched by the Zotac – the ZBOX RI531 and the ZBOC RI323. 
The ZBOX RI531 sports Intel Core i3 – 5010U Haswell processor with HD 5500 graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0 , SDXC card reader, 4 GB RAM, two DDR3 – 1600 memory slots and also four USB 3.0 ports.  While the ZBOX RI323 bags a less powerful and cheaper Intel Celeron 2961Y Haswell Processor. It also lacks mSATA slot. Both of them run on Windows 7 or any other higher version. 



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