If you have been receiving some high water bill of late it is only sensible that you are looking for ways in which you can be able to reduce the bill, things such as taking shorter showers or even not letting the faucet run can go a long way when it comes to conserving water. That said it’s good to know that there are other savvy ways in which you can be able to conserve water and in this article I will be focusing on 4 gadgets which will help you conserve water.

Eco Shower Drop
One feature that makes the EcoShower Drop one of a kind is its ability to detect the amount of water used when showering regardless of the type of shower that is being used, be it at home or at the hotels thus making the process of tracking the amount of water you use much easier.

EcoCamel Shower Head
This one of a kind shower head works by injecting air directly into the water stream which ends up creating a feeling of a shower which is very powerful. This it manages to do why limiting the water usage to 8 liters per minute or less.

Hippo the water saver
This gadget saves up to 3 liters of water each and every time you or a member of your family flushes the toilet. Not only does this helps in reducing the flusher’s carbon foot but it also saves you lots of water. This is very important given that toilet flushing accounts 30 % of a four-person family’s monthly usage.



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