New and futuristic way to save more water

New and futuristic way to save more water

The conventional mixer taps have high water consumption. They use the same amount of water for all operations. Luckily, this can be changed. With a new mixer tap, water can be saved. It uses the ordinary pressure when you want to take water into a glass, but it uses lower pressure when you wash your hands or vegetables. With this, second mode, the water covers a bigger area, but the amount of water is reduced. Also, when you wash the vegetables, the water pressure is lower, so it won’t damage vegetables. 

This, mixer tap has: sensor probes, a microprocessor and OLDE screen. A microprocessor is used to set the right temperature of the water. In order to achieve this, a microprocessor use a device on the tube. The design is very interesting as well. It looks very futuristic. This gadget is perfect for people who want to save water and who care about their hygiene. 

Although, it looks complex, it isn’t. Everything used for mixed tap is already available and it isn’t expensive. Beside it is useful, its design is perfect for hi-tech kitchens and people who must have the latest gadgets. However, this gadget isn’t designed for restaurants and kitchens that are used every day during the whole day. On the other side, it is the best for people in small apartments and people who live alone.

There shall be more and more green gadgets. Most of them have two purposes. To save water and to save energy. Because we spend a lot of time in a kitchen, we can understand that all kitchen gadgets should be green. 




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