Schiller X1

Schiller X1

We all love driving bicycles. They can be useful for exercising or if you want to get somewhere. Although, bicycles are slow, you can travel faster through city than a car! If you go to the gym, you are going to use them as well. For a long time these were the main purposes of bicycles, now there is one more! About 71% of our planet is covered with water, so the new kind of bicycles is used for traveling on water! It is called Schiller X1, and it is a combination of a boat and a bicycle.

It is not just a boat that got fitted with pedals, which we already saw. It looks like a functional bicycle which has been fitted to the boat, but instead of wheels you have boat parts. This gadget has real bicycle parts like: cranks, pedals, dropper seat post, handlebars and adjustable stems. Driving it is the same as driving a bicycle, but the feeling is much better. Although, you cannot go very fast, you can enjoy and you can jump into a water any time you want.

It is known as ‘’water bike’’. It has a multi-speed drivetrain, and two oscillating propellers mounted on reaction arms, enabling responsive steering. The Schiller X1 has LED lighting, a heavy duty construction and watertight storage compartment. It can be fitted to almost any bike rack, and for assembly/disassembly you will need 10 minutes.

This is very fun gadget, and in some way practical, but it is expensive as well. Its price is $6.490!



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