Water leak detection system turns off your water if a pipe bursts

Water leak detection system turns off your water if a pipe bursts

As we enter the cold days of winter, one of the very real threats to many homes is that of the water pipes freezing, which can burst, and if there's anything worse than dealing with a burst water pipe in your house, it's having to deal with a water pipe in your house that bursts while you're not there, which then floods your home and causes major water damage.

But if there was a device in place for monitoring the plumbing to detect leaks and breaks, both big and small, and which could automatically shut off the water main in the event of a burst pipe, it could end up saving homeowners a fair bit of money and work. That's what Water Hero is designed to do, and because the platform works with the existing water meter and plumbing, it doesn't require a plumber to install or a technician to get set up,

Water Hero consists of two modules, the flow sensor that straps onto the water meter, and the shutoff motor, which is installed over the manual water shutoff valve (ball valves only). The devices connect wirelessly to each other and to a cloud-based system that can be accessed via an accompanying app or a web browser.

The flow sensor detects the magnetic pulses produced in the meter, each of which represents a fixed amount of water, monitoring the flow of water to detect both major leaks (burst pipes) and slow leaks (faulty toilet seal), with certain conditions triggering a text alert and/or automatically cutting off the water with the shutoff motor. Water Hero also includes temperature and humidity sensors, which are two additional ways to monitor the conditions near the meter.

Originally developed as a way to add water protection to an older home with a history of freezing and bursting pipes, Water Hero is also turning out to be a potential water conservation tool, allowing for real-time water usage monitoring, analytics for comparing water usage over time, checking the actual water usage of appliances and the ability to set and monitor water usage goals.



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